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Apollo E-Liquids

Apollo has set out to provide a remarkable e-liquid. Their flavors stand out and actually taste like their names suggest. Apollo's e-liquids produce a rich and bountiful vapor without losing the quality of the flavor. This is why you'll be hooked on Apollo. There is no other e-liquid quite like it.

Apollo has worked to meticulously perfect the recipes in their lab located right here in Northern California. All flavors are made with the highest quality, US sourced ingredients. Their flavor team samples and analyzes each new flavor and an intense voting process ensues. No new flavor is introduced until it is unanimously voted as delicious.

They take great pride in the quality of their ingredients. Apollo features a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. All flavors are made with:

  • USP Grade PG and VG
  • Kosher and Food Safe Ingredients
  • 99% Laboratory Grade Nicotine
  • No Added Alcohol or Water

Quite honestly there is no other e-liquid lab quite like theirs. Apollo’s e-liquid mixologists are not just avid vapers and flavor gurus, they are also degreed chemists. Unlike other e-liquid producers, their lab adheres to good manufacturing practices commonly found in the food manufacturing industry. This means a strict protocol and procedure is practiced throughout the entire manufacturing process, from recipe development to bottling, to ensure a consistent quality. Apollo e-liquids are guaranteed contaminate free. The Apollo lab is ready for any FDA regulations and will be able to adhere to any new guidelines for e-liquid production. In other words, their lab is legit.

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Apollo E-Liquid - Grape
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Apollo E-Liquid - Razzle
Your Price: $4.95
Apollo E-Liquid - RY4
Your Price: $4.95
Apollo E-Liquid - Sahara
Your Price: $4.95
Apollo E-Liquid - Strawberry