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Empty 5ml Bottles (5pack)
Your Price: $1.00

Empty plastic 5ml bottles that can hold 8ml altogether. (it's labeled up to 5ml)

Comes in packs of 5.
Kanger Protank Base
Your Price: $1.50

These are the bottoms of the Protank, Protank 2, Protank 3's, Unitank and Davide.
eGo Suction Cup Stand
List Price: $1.99
Your Price: $1.69
You save $0.30!

This silicon Suction Cup Stand is perfect for holding your eGo battery and most standard size clearomizers! This simple design suctions to any smooth, flat surface and allows you to store your eGo battery or clearomizer upright so it doesn't roll around. It's made from durable silicon and can be cleaned with water if it gets dirty.
E-cig tester mouthpiece (condom) - Five Pack
List Price: $2.95
Your Price: $1.95
You save $1.00!

If you want to let people try your e-Cigarette but are concerned about the spread of germs, these little e-Cig "condoms" are the perfect solution. You can also use this as a soft mouthpiece as well.

Made of silicone, they simply slip over the mouthpiece and provide a sanitary way for others to try your electronic cigarette. You can use these in trade shows. We use them in our store for samplers!

Each condom is individually packaged and sealed.

Comes in a pack of 5.
eGo Cone Cover for ProTank/Davide
Your Price: $1.95

The eGo Cone Cover is works great with the Davide Glassomizer and the ProTank Clearomizers and allows these 510 threaded clearomizers to fit perfectly and seamlessly with your eGo batteries.
Ego Lanyard
List Price: $4.95
Your Price: $1.95
You save $3.00!

The Ego Lanyard is a pouch that can fit the Ego battery with ease. You can wear it around your neck to be able to grab your ecigs with ease. It can also fit 2 evolve batteries.

CE5 Celaromizer
List Price: $22.50
Your Price: $2.95
You save $19.55!

Prices have been slashed to liquidate some of our inventory! Take advantage of this great pricing, because once these products are gone, they're gone for good!

This has the same shape as the CE4 Joymizer, but has changeable heating coil heads, providing consistent and powerful vapors with incomparable quality of flavor while helping customers to save more money by reusing the tank and mouthpiece.
  • Holds 1.6ml of e-liquid and lasts for up to 500 puffs
  • Utilizes a top coil with a fat, long wick to consistently yield a powerful throat hit
  • Ego threaded
  • Produces a pure, clean quality of flavor
  • Thick and durable construction makes it leak-free
  • Seals tightly with a silicon protective ring at both the top and bottom
  • Mouthpiece is removable to easily refill
  • Coil head can be replaced easily
Note: when you remove the CE5 clearomizer from the eGo battery, make sure you hold the bottom of the CE5 clearomizer to unscrew instead of holding the tank.

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Drip Tip Insulator
Your Price: $2.95

The drip tip Insulators fit on any 510 cartomizer, clearomizer or RDA and allows for for a smaller heat transfer from the vapor to the drip tip.

electronic cigarette disposable, electronic cigarette disposable reviews
Panda Disposable - Special
List Price: $9.95
Your Price $3.95
You save $6.00!

1. This Panda E Cigarette is a disposable model. You can puff about 500 times, that is about 2 packs of regular cigarettes! It is fully charged and ready to go. After you finish using it, please do not try to take it apart or refill because it may cause injury.
2. 2 colors to choose: Black, White
3. 4 levels of nicotine: High, Medium, Low and Zero
4. 5 flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry and Vanilla
It is a great product for you to try and taste or for giving to your friends who want to switch to ecigarettes. A lot of people love it - read the ECF member reviews here on
T4s Clearomizer (Micromizer)
List Price: $4.95
Your Price: $3.95
You save $1.00!

A sleek, clear cartridge (Kanger T4s clearomizer, better than the previous T4) that is perfect for a slim e-cigarette. The diameter mimics the size and feel of a cigarette and is perfect for out and about e-cigarette use.

  • Holds .9ml of e-liquid and lasts for up to 300 puffs
  • Well performing atomizer for full and flavorful vapors
  • Popular 510 thread
  • Screw-on mouthpiece which is more secure
  • Clear design makes it easy to see when you are running low
  • Easy to refill without a syringe
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